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      ISSI UXO and Consulting, LLC. is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) company providing Unexploded Ordnance/Munitions and Explosives of Concern (UXO/MEC), Chemical Warfare Material (CWM), customized training, Explosive Safety and remediation s

      ISSI UXO & Consulting only employs graduates of the Naval School of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (NAVSCOLEOD) and Support Technicians in good standing within DoD and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requirements (DDESB TP-18). All Technicians are annually certified as Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Technicians and as HAZMAT Response Technicians IAW 29 CFR1910.120. Many of our Technicians have decades of UXO and EOD experience, many have worked directly for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Army Weapons Management Agency, and are cross trained in a variety of disciplines.

We have access to specialists in outside fields, such as geophysicists, chemists, environmentalists, and naturalists, and through our partner company 

ACR-UXO Division, we have the opportunity to offer completely integrated teams of specialists to include Archaeologists and Anthropologists. All of our employees are highly motivated, and out of the box thinkers that are very result oriented people.

Our History

      ISSI-UXO & Consulting, LLC was initially founded in 1990 as ISSI Unexploded Ordnance, Inc. (ISSI UXO) as a division of International Safety, Inc. (ISSI.) When business activity increased in the beginning of 1992, the initial principals decided to incorporate as an Alabama corporation and is a Veterans owned small business. ISSI UXO & Consulting is dedicated to providing unexploded ordnance (UXO) and ordnance explosive (OE) safety services. ISSI UXO provides qualified Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)/UXO personnel for unexploded ordnance surveys; gaining safe access to munitions/ordnance contaminated hazardous areas; performing range clearances; support for construction in UXO/OE contaminated areas; explosive/munitions hazard feasibility studies/evaluations; site sampling, monitoring, testing, evaluation to include site assessment characterization; and support of maintenance/clearance activities on bombing, impact, and training ranges. 

      ISSI UXO & Consulting has completed numerous projects such as Asseteague National Seashore MD, Fort Sill, OK, Pueblo Depot, CO, Redstone Arsenal, AL, Fort Jackson, SC, Courtland Army Air Field, AL, Loring Air Force Base, ME, Fort Polk, LA, Fort Wood, MO, Pensacola Naval Air Station, FL, Port Hadlock, WA, Fort Rucker, AL, Fort bliss , TX, Fort Hood, TX , Fort Stewart, GA and recovery of CWM munitions at Marshall Space Flight Center, AL.

      ISSI UXO & Consulting has assisted the Huntsville Division in the establishment of a subsurface test field used to determine the capability of a towed magnetometer system. ISSI UXO has participating in an ongoing project to develop a UXO Risk Prioritization Model of Corps FUDS sites in the US.

      ISSI UXO & Consulting has preformed UXO/CWM safety projects involving potential CWM sites at Spring Valley, Washington, D.C. ISSI UXO is involved in an ongoing TNT Remediation project at the former Lake Ontario Ordnance Works in New York State, in this project we have recovered over six tons of high grade mixed TNT waste and re-mediated it to less the reactive levels allowing proper hazardous waste disposal.

      We have preformed countless Ordnance Avoidance and Construction Support projects at NASA’s Marshal Space Flight Center, AL allowing safe construction. We presently have completed UXO Surveys at Camp Bullis, Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, TX and Fort Polk, LA allowing assessment of UXO construction problems for new range construction. Notable projects include remediation of landfills at Fort Riley, KS and Presidio of San Francisco, CA. Other installations worked at include Hingham Naval Ammunition Storage Depot, MA; Fort Benning, GA; Bolling AFB, D.C.; Civil War Fort in D.C.; Solomon’s Naval Recreation Center, MD; Camp Hanson, Okinawa, and Australia.

      ISSI UXO & Consulting has developed unique and innovated techniques to mitigate stuck and misfired seismic charges in seismic bore hole during natural gas exploration activities and successfully implemented them in a number of locations.

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